audiovisual works...(selection)


Audiovisual work to the music NODAL by Horacio Vaggione


70. Bremer Hausmusikwoche, Institut Francais Bremen

Aesthetically, the animation RÉFLEXIONS shows different forms of connections. The work is inspired by Horacio Vaggione's composition NODAL from 1997.

Format: Quicktime Animation, Full HD 1080p.

Equipment: Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X


Audiovisual fotophony in three parts.


Image & Resonance IV, 27. 05. 2016, Mar de Plata (Argentinia), Foundation Destellos, Cycle of Electroacoustic Visual Music.

Instruments: Nylon Guitars, Steelstrings, Rainmaker, Voice, Accordion, Snaredrum and Small Percussions.

Equipment: Neumann Microphones, Nikon DSLR, Ableton Push and Korg PadKontrol. Ableton Live, Max4Live, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro


Five elementary works, part 1


2018, Christoph und Stephan Kaske Stiftung & der NMZ

Instruments: Prepared Piano with granular sampling. Equipment: Neumann Microphones (Piano recording) and iPhone 8 (Video recordings), Ableton Live, Max4Live, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro


Concept for live performance, 2018

Instruments: Prepared Piano, Wilhelm Biese, Berlin 1925

Live setup / Equipment:
Stereo Microphone, Audio Interface, Quadraphone Speaker Layout. Apple Macbook Pro, Logic Pro X. MGranularMB and BX_Subsynth, V-DSLRs with HDMI, 720p Projector & Screen

Concept based on the random principle:

This is a iPhone slow motion recording of raindrops in a pan. Everything is a coincidence, (also coincidence: it was raining in the middle of the summertime climatic disaster!). In the visuals a little color makeup for the look. Overall, it was a spontan work just inspired by the musical sound of refreshing drops on old metal...

Missing Drops is a part of the multimedia project
"Let´s worry about"


Reflexions (2019, music: Horacio Vaggione, premiere 70. HMW, Institut Francais Bremen)

Missing Drops (2018)

Wasserwerk (New Music Award, Chr. u. St. Kaske Stiftung/NMZ, 2018)

Gran Reverso (2018, LP coop. with Jasper van´t Hof / Toto Blanke)

Frequency (2018, Analog Synthesis Experiments 1)

Fin (2017)

SOLAR WINDS (2015 - 2017, coop. Elizabeth Anderson, presentation 68. HMW, HfK Bremen)

Während die Zeit vergeht (2016)

Electric Circle (2016, LP coop. with Jasper van´t Hof / Toto Blanke)

Sans Souci (Presentation: Foundation Destellos, 2016)

Streich für Kreuzspinne und Stubenfliege (2013)

Quintessenz (2013)

Five Aerodys (Presentation: Space Attack II, Bremer Hausmusikwoche, KITO, 2013)

Touch points (Bitshape, 2013)

The worlds finest (2012)

Post humanity survival (Presentation: Signes de Nuit Paris, 2012)

This is not a war game (2012)

Der tägliche Wahn (2012)

Café in relation to my troubles (2012)

3 Movements (2012)

Radio activity (Presentation: Foundation Destellos, 2011)

The other side (2010)

Loverloops (2010)

Hamburg Loops (2010)

Rendevous (2010)

Opulent sphaere (2010) 

Dao, loop of life (2010)

Fluid (2010)

Schmerz II (2010)

Homage à Willy Lucas (2010)

Schmerz (musique&recherches, 2009)

Money Variations (2009)

Corks (2009)

Feuille-Ton (IMEB Synthèse F-Bourges, 2008)

Neuland (2008)

Lost in Space (2007)

Die Welt ist aus den Fugen (2007)

Kube (2007)

Work in Progress (Award IFCT Festival USA, 2007)

A Self-Portrait (2007)

True Romance (2007)

Eternal Circle (2007)

Der Tod und das Mädchen (2006)

Monopolymono (2006)

Alles Theater (2006 / 2009)

Haubilder (2006)

Schrittweise (2006)

Der Biker (Presentation: Nidersachsen Landtag, Medienhaus Hannover, 2005)

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