audiovisual works...(selection)


Audiovisual fotophony in three parts.


Image & Resonance IV, 27. 05. 2016, Mar de Plata (Argentinia), Foundation Destellos, Cycle of Electroacoustic Visual Music.

Instruments: Nylon Guitars, Steelstrings, Rainmaker, Voice, Accordion, Snaredrum and Small Percussions.

Equipment: Neumann Microphones, Nikon DSLR, Ableton Push and Korg PadKontrol. Ableton Live, Max4Live, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro


Five elementary works, part 1


2018, Christoph und Stephan Kaske Stiftung & der NMZ

Instruments: Prepared Piano with granular sampling. Equipment: Neumann Microphones (Piano recording) and iPhone 8 (Video recordings), Ableton Live, Max4Live, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro


Concept for live performance, 2018

Instruments: Prepared Piano, Wilhelm Biese, Berlin 1925

Live setup / Equipment:
Stereo Microphone, Audio Interface, Quadraphone Speaker Layout. Apple Macbook Pro, Logic Pro X. MGranularMB and BX_Subsynth, V-DSLRs with HDMI, 720p Projector & Screen

Concept based on the random principle:

This is a iPhone slow motion recording of raindrops in a pan. Everything is a coincidence, (also coincidence: it was raining in the middle of the summertime climatic disaster!). In the visuals a little color makeup for the look. Overall, it was a spontan work just inspired by the musical sound of refreshing drops on old metal...

Missing Drops is a part of the multimedia project
"Let´s worry about"


Missing Drops (2018)

Wasserwerk (New Music Award, Chr. u. St. Kaske Stiftung/NMZ, 2018)

Gran Reverso (2018, LP coop. with Jasper van´t Hof / Toto Blanke)

Frequency (2018, Analog Synthesis Experiments 1)

Fin (2017)

SOLAR WINDS (2015 - 2017, coop. Elizabeth Anderson, presentation 68. HMW, HfK Bremen)

Während die Zeit vergeht (2016)

Electric Circle (2016, LP coop. with Jasper van´t Hof / Toto Blanke)

Sans Souci (Presentation: Foundation Destellos, 2016)

Streich für Kreuzspinne und Stubenfliege (2013)

Quintessenz (2013)

Five Aerodys (Presentation: Space Attack II, Bremer Hausmusikwoche, KITO, 2013)

Touch points (Bitshape, 2013)

The worlds finest (2012)

Post humanity survival (Presentation: Signes de Nuit Paris, 2012)

This is not a war game (2012)

Der tägliche Wahn (2012)

Café in relation to my troubles (2012)

3 Movements (2012)

Radio activity (Presentation: Foundation Destellos, 2011)

The other side (2010)

Loverloops (2010)

Hamburg Loops (2010)

Rendevous (2010)

Opulent sphaere (2010) 

Dao, loop of life (2010)

Fluid (2010)

Schmerz II (2010)

Homage à Willy Lucas (2010)

Schmerz (musique&recherches, 2009)

Money Variations (2009)

Corks (2009)

Feuille-Ton (IMEB Synthèse F-Bourges, 2008)

Neuland (2008)

Lost in Space (2007)

Die Welt ist aus den Fugen (2007)

Kube (2007)

Work in Progress (Award IFCT Festival USA, 2007)

A Self-Portrait (2007)

True Romance (2007)

Eternal Circle (2007)

Der Tod und das Mädchen (2006)

Monopolymono (2006)

Alles Theater (2006 / 2009)

Haubilder (2006)

Schrittweise (2006)

Der Biker (Presentation: Nidersachsen Landtag, Medienhaus Hannover, 2005)

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